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The words
Women's rights campaigners in Afghanistan are celebrating a [rear / rare] victory. For the first time, the names of mothers will be [put / write] on their children's birth certificates, [along / alongside] the father's name. Mothers' names will [also / and] be put on national identity cards. The Afghan government has just [announced / announcement] a new law to allow this. For hundreds of years, only the father's name was [allowing / allowed] on the birth certificate. Campaigners in Afghanistan [started / starred] their campaign in 2017. They used social media to fight for the [right / left] of women to have their names on [official / officially] documents. It is common in Afghanistan for a woman's name not to be included [on / at] wedding invitations.

Afghanistan's Vice-President said: "The decision [at / to] include the mother's name on the ID card is a big step forward [at / for] women's rights." The founder of the #WhereIsMyName campaign, Laleh Osmany, said the law was [well / good] . She said: "By printing her name, we give the mother [power / powerful] . The law now gives her [certainly / certain] powers to be a mother who can, without the [presence / presents] of a man, get documents for her children, [roll / enroll] her children in school, and travel." Another campaigner said: "My feeling of [happy / happiness] may seem ridiculous for women in other countries, but when we live [in / on] a society where women are physically and spiritually excluded, achieving such basic rights is a big and difficult [chore / task] ."

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