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find be protect conduct discover catch class be protect fish
warn be eat become ask be think manage survive care
Scientists think they have an answer to the problem of food shortages. One solution could for us to eat jellyfish. This could also help to fish and other sea life that are endangered. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia a study of fishing around the world. They that fishing nets 92 endangered species of seafood and 11 species of marine life as "critically endangered". The researchers said this not illegal as the creatures were not protected. Researcher Dr Leslie Robertson said: "Despite national and international commitments to threatened species, we actively for many of these threatened species."

The researchers we are eating species of fish and other sea life that on the brink of extinction. They suggested that jellyfish could help protect fish that are in danger of disappearing from our seas and oceans. Jellyfish could a common sight on menus, and we could for jellyfish and chips instead of fish and chips. The researchers said jellyfish could a sustainable alternative at seafood restaurants and fish shops. Dr Robertson said seafood is "not as sustainable as consumers would like to ". She added: "It is possible to our fisheries sustainably and eat species that can the fishing pressure. We just have to about weird-looking squishy things like sea cucumbers."

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