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The words
Scientists think they have found an [answer / reply] to the problem of food shortages. One solution could be for [we / us] to eat jellyfish. This could also help to protect fish and [others / other] sea life that are endangered. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia [conduction / conducted] a study of fishing [around / about] the world. They discovered that fishing nets [catch / caught] 92 endangered species of seafood and 11 species of marine life classed [as / was] "critically endangered". The researchers said this was not illegal as the [creature / creatures] were not protected. Researcher Dr Leslie Robertson said: "[Despite / Spite] national and international commitments to protect threatened species, we actively fish for many of [these / them] threatened species."

The researchers warned we [be / are] eating species of fish and other sea life that are on the brink [off / of] extinction. They suggested that [eat / eating] jellyfish could help protect fish that are [in / on] danger of disappearing from our seas and oceans. Jellyfish could become a [commonly / common] common on menus, and we could ask for jellyfish and chips [rather / instead] of fish and chips. The researchers said jellyfish could be a sustainable alternative at seafood restaurants and [fishy / fish] shops. Dr Robertson said seafood is "not as sustainable as consumers would like to [thank / think] ". She added: "It is possible to manage our fisheries sustainably and eat species that can [survival / survive] the fishing pressure. We just have to care about weird-looking squishy [things / thing] like sea cucumbers."

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