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vote help be make make start get reverse provide pressure
refuse provide mean U-turn understand understand have pay have ban
The UK government against giving poor children free school lunches during the school holidays. Only five politicians in the ruling Conservative party voted to poorer children with a daily lunch. A huge majority of the government voted against the weekly $20-per-child food voucher. The government now under pressure to a U-turn. It a U-turn in the summer over free school meals. The Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford a successful campaign to the government to its decision not to school lunches for poorer children during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Rashford has started another campaign to the government into another U-turn.

The UK government is under growing pressure to U-turn. The British public is furious that politicians are to the food vouchers. For many children, the voucher would getting their only proper meal of the day during the holidays. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not . He said: "I totally the issue of holiday hunger". Many people on social media said Mr Johnson does not hunger because he comes from a wealthy family and has always money. People are angry COVID-19 track-and-trace consultants are over $8,000 a day but children cannot a $20 food voucher. Many stores across the UK are politicians from their businesses.

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