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The words
The UK government [voted / voting] against giving poor children free school lunches [among / during] the school holidays. Only five politicians in the [ruler / ruling] Conservative party voted to help poorer children with a daily lunch. A [huge / hug] majority of the government voted against the [week / weekly] $20-per-child food voucher. The government is now [over / under] pressure to make a U-turn. It made a U-turn in the summer over free school meals. The Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford started a [successfully / successful] campaign to get the government to [reserve / reverse] its decision not to provide school lunches for [poorer / poverty] children during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Rashford has started another campaign to pressure the government into [another / other] U-turn.

The UK government is under [grown / growing] pressure to U-turn. The British public is furious that politicians are [refusing / refusal] to provide the food vouchers. [Of / For] many children, the voucher would mean getting their [only / once] proper meal of the day during the holidays. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would not U-turn. He said: "I [total / totally] understand the issue of holiday hunger". Many people [on / at] social media said Mr Johnson does not understand hunger because he comes [from / for] a wealthy family and has always had money. People [be / are] angry COVID-19 track-and-trace consultants are paid over $8,000 [a / the] day but children cannot have a $20 food voucher. Many stores across the UK are [banning / blaming] politicians from their businesses.

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