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Scientists have breathtaking news that there is water on the Moon. The Moon may hold water in more places and in larger amounts than they thought. The scientists are from NASA. They analyzed two studies in detail and confirmed the presence of water molecules on the side of the Moon we can see. Ice was thought to exist on the dark side of the Moon, which is blocked from sunlight. However, NASA said it found water on the sunlit parts of the Moon. It says it found a third of a litre of water in one area. This was not enough to form ice as the molecules were trapped in rock.

This discovery could be a game-changer in paving the way to explore space. It could mean the building of permanent bases on the Moon because there could be a sustainable source of drinking water. This could make rocket fuel one day. NASA explained the significance of the discovery. It said: "Water is extremely critical for deep space exploration. It's a resource of direct value for our astronauts. Any time we don't need to pack water for our trip, we have an opportunity to take other useful items with us." Astronauts could take heavier materials to do bigger scientific experiments.

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