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The words
Many people drink diet sodas as [partner / part] of their diet. They believe these drinks are healthier than [fizzed / fizzy] drinks. However, according to a new study, "diet" [visions / versions] of sugary drinks can be as bad for our heart [was / as] fizzy drinks that are loaded with sugar. The researchers who conducted the study said people should [avoid / evade] diet sodas and other artificially sweetened [beverages / beverage] if they want to look after their health. They said the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks are not [healthily / healthy] . Dr Guy Mintz, a heart specialist, said: "The [believe / belief] that artificial sweeteners are a safe substitute for sugar is [flake / fake] news." He added: "Artificial sweeteners have been associated with weight [gain / again] , insulin resistance, and diabetes."

The research is published [on / in] the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Researchers looked [to / at] health data from over 100,000 people in France. Participants in the study recorded [their / there] diet, activity level, and health [status / statues] every six months. The researchers said: "Higher intakes of...artificially sweetened [beverage / beverages] were associated with a higher [risk / risky] of cardiovascular disease, suggesting that artificially sweetened beverages might not [been / be] a healthy substitute for sugary drinks." They added: "Water, water, and [more / most] should be the beverage of [choose / choice] . Given childhood obesity, no sweetened or artificially sweetened beverage should be a [staple / stubble] in children's diets."

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