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The European Union has declared that companies and eateries can [detain / retain] meat-like names for their vegetarian products [ever / even] though those products contain no meat. The EU [debated / debacle] whether or not a veggie burger is a burger. There was a [motor / motion] to ban the use of names like burger, sausage and steak in [entirely / entire] vegetable-based food. Europe's largest farming [associated / association] argued that these [types / type] of names were unfair and damaged farmers and companies that produced and made meat products. It said the names [prompted / promoted] "misleading and unfair marketing." A spokesperson said: "We [simple / simply] call for the work of millions of European farmers and livestock [sector / vector] workers to be acknowledged and respected."

A member of the European Consumer Organization [failed / hailed] the decision over the [naming / named] of veggie burgers. Senior food policy officer Camille Perrin called the decision "common [sensory / sense]" . She said: "Consumers are in no way [confusion / confused] by a soy steak or chick pea-based sausage, so [length / long] as it is clearly labelled as vegetarian or vegan. Terms like "burger" and ["stake" / "steak"] for plant-based foods help consumers understand how to [integrate / ingratiate] them into their meals." The environmental campaign group Greenpeace said it [wondered / wandered] what livestock farmers found [confusing / confuses] about the use of the name veggie burger. It tweeted: "If they're confused by the word 'veggie burger,' what do they [belief / think] a 'hot dog' is?"

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