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Poor [diet / dietary] and nutrition may be behind an average height gap of 20cm between the tallest and shortest children in different countries. Researchers from Imperial College London [contracted / conducted] a global analysis of the Body [Mass / Mess] Index (BMI) of schoolchildren and [adolescence / adolescents] around the world. This [involved / convoluted] measuring the height and [weigh / weight] of millions of children and teenagers. They [discovered / discovering] that the world's tallest 19-year-olds, at 183.8cm, lived in the Netherlands, while the shortest, at 160.1cm, lived in East Timor. The researchers said [teenager / teenagers] in northwest and central Europe were the tallest in the world. [On / In] average the shortest children lived in South [to / and] South-East Asia, Latin America and East Africa.

The study was [extreme / extremely] comprehensive. It involved analysing data from 65 million children [aged / aging] five to 19 years old in 193 countries. The researchers [reported / reporting] that children's height and weight [varied / variety] enormously in different regions. The team [waned / warned] that a lack of quality food and nutrition was a [majority / major] factor behind stunted growth and a rise in childhood obesity. It said improved diets increased the [averages / average] height of children in China. Nineteen-year-old boys there were 8cm [taller / tallest] in 2019 than in 1985. Researchers attribute this to improved [nutritious / nutrition] . The lead author of the report urged countries to adopt policies that encouraged healthier eating, but to be aware of the perils of excessive weight [again / gain] .

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