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enjoy eat have sound be offer include perch throw come
develop be put be make seek struggle say be stay
We all love and have an all-you-can- buffet, but how many of us have an "all-you-can-stay" holiday? It too good to true, but a hotel company in the Maldives is guests a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The luxury Anantara Veli resort has a special package that unlimited use of its property for the whole of 2021. Customers will get the use of a two-person bungalow that is above the crystal-clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The resort is also in airport transfers, 365 breakfasts, discounts on spa treatments, cooking lessons on Maldivian cuisine, and scuba diving. However, all this at a hefty cost of $30,000.

The Maldives is a tiny archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, about 700km from the southern tip of India. It has into a luxurious, high-end destination. It famed for its pristine beaches, palm trees and five-star hospitality. The quality of its marine life has it on the bucket list of adventure-seeking scuba divers. Many of its resorts on private islands and atolls, it a perfect choice for holidaymakers who seclusion and privacy in paradise. The Maldives is highly dependent on international tourism and has during the coronavirus pandemic. A tourism spokesperson the $30,000 package good value and cheaper than in an average hotel for a year.

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