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We all love and have [enjoyable / enjoyed] an all-you-can-eat buffet, but how many of us have had an "all-you-can-stay" holiday? It [sounds / sounded] too good to be [true / truth] , but a hotel company in the Maldives is offering guests a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The luxury Anantara Veli resort has a special [packaging / package] that includes [unlimited / limiting] use of its property for the whole of 2021. Customers will get the [used / use] of a two-person bungalow that is [perched / parched] above the crystal-clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The resort is also throwing [out / in] airport transfers, 365 breakfasts, discounts on [spar / spa] treatments, cooking lessons on Maldivian cuisine, and scuba diving. However, all this comes at a [hefty / heave] cost of $30,000.

The Maldives is a [tiny / tinny] archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, about 700km from the southern [top / tip] of India. It has developed into a luxurious, high-end [destiny / destination] . It is [famed / famously] for its pristine beaches, palm trees and five-star [hospitality / hospital] . The quality of its marine life has put it on the [pail / bucket] list of adventure-seeking scuba divers. Many of its resorts are on private islands and [tolls / atolls] , making it a perfect choice for holidaymakers who seek [seclusion / seclude] and privacy in paradise. The Maldives is [height / highly] dependent on international tourism and has struggled [while / during] the coronavirus pandemic. A tourism spokesperson said the $30,000 package is good value and cheaper than staying in an average hotel for a year.

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