Speed Reading — Letters to Santa - Level 4 — 400 wpm 

This is the text (if you need help).

Santa's mailbag has revealed the pandemic fears of children across the world. A post office that answers mail it receives for Santa read the fears children have about COVID-19. They have the usual requests for Christmas gifts, but many give an idea of how the pandemic is troubling children. The post office said: "This year, we really feel their fears - for themselves, their grandparents or their parents. It's what really emerges from their letters."

The post office has been getting 12,000 letters a day. Its team of 60 letter writers says children are telling Santa about their biggest fears. Parents are in the dark about this. One child wrote: "This year, more than the others, I need magic and to believe in you." Another gave Santa a mask so he would not spread the virus. The letters to Santa help children in lockdowns, especially those who have not seen their grandparents.

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