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An unlikely source has [revelled / revealed] the pandemic fears of thousands of children across the world - Santa's mailbag. A post office in France that answers [mailing / mail] it receives for Santa has described the [concerning / concerns] children have been expressing about COVID-19. The letters contain the [usual / usually] requests for Christmas gifts, but many [have / do] emotional outpourings that provide an [out of sight / insight] into how the coronavirus pandemic is [troubled / troubling] young minds. The post office has been [response / responding] to "Dear Santa" letters since 1962. A writer who [pens / replies] to the notes said: "This year, we really feel their fears - for themselves, their grandparents or their parents. It's what really [emerges / emergence] from their letters. And in every country."

The post office has been [infatuated / inundated] with around 12,000 letters per day. It has a team of 60 letter-writing "elves". They say that many children are [confidence / confiding] in Santa and expressing heartfelt fears that perhaps parents are in the [dusk / dark] about. One child wrote: "This year, more than the others, I need [magician / magic] and to believe in you." Another child slipped a mask inside her [envelope / enveloping] for Santa to not spread the virus. A "chief elf" explained the emotional [tale / toll] on children. She said: "The letters to Santa are a [part / sort] of release for them. All this [annual / year] they have been in lockdowns and have been [deprived / depraved] of school and their grandpas and grandmas....Children are putting into [words / characters] everything they have felt during this period."

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