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The words
China and South Korea are arguing [under / over] a pickled food. The two countries are [on / in] a dispute over a savoury pickled cabbage dish. China is trying to win an international certificate for pao cai, a savoury vegetable dish from Sichuan [province / provincial] . However, South Korean officials are angry about this. They say this [bowl / dish] is too much like kimchi - perhaps [the / a] most famous food in South Korea. Kimchi is a [staple / stable] in Korean cuisine. It is a traditional dish of salted and [tormented / fermented] vegetables, such as cabbage and Korean radish. It is made with a [width / wide] variety of seasonings, including chilli powder, [spring / autumn] onions, garlic, ginger, and salted seafood. Pao cai is a pickle, usually [made / makes] using cabbage, mustard, peppers and ginger.

South Korea is angry that China says it [has / was] won certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for its kimchi [munching / making] process. South Korean officials say pao cai, "has nothing to [have / do] with kimchi". They added: "We need to understand [that / what] pao cai is different from kimchi." People in Korea are [angrily / angry] that China is trying to [clam / claim] the standard for the kimchi-making [prowess / process] . A professor in Korea said: "China lacks efforts [for / to] understand the culture and history of surrounding nations." On social media in China, people said most kimchi [ate / eaten] in South Korea is made in China. One person wrote: "Even the pronunciation of kimchi originated [from / at] Chinese."

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