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There could be a new [law / legal] on the international statute books. Lawyers across the globe are [draughty / drafting] regulations to make ecocide a crime. Ecocide is the destruction of the world's ecosystems. Lawyers want to make it a [legally / legalised] enforceable crime, much like crimes against humanity, war crimes and [genocidal / genocide] . The initiative is being [led / bled] by a professor from University College London (UCL) and a [former / firmer] judge at the International Criminal Court. It has [detracted / attracted] support from several European countries, [notably / regrettably] France and Belgium. Island nations [to / at] risk from rising sea levels, such as Vanuatu and the Maldives, have voiced their support. A politician in the UK has called for ecocide to be incorporated [into / onto] law.

Professor Philippe Sands of UCL spoke about [what / why] there is a need for ecocide to be [made / done] illegal. He said: "The time is [rightly / right] to harness the power of international criminal law [for / to] protect our global environment." He wants the law to [hold / grasp] governments and multi-national corporations accountable for the environmental damage they [clause / cause] . The Stop Ecocide Foundation said: "In most cases ecocide is likely to be a corporate crime." It [inlined / outlined] the scale of destruction that would require an ecocide law being [uses / used] . It said: "It would have to involve [mass / massed] , systematic or widespread destruction. We are probably talking about Amazon deforestation on a huge scale, deep sea bottom trawling or oil [spill / spills] ."

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