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   at      at      for      for      in      in      in      in      of      off      on      on      on      on      over      with  
A dog the USA had to go a diet. He is a beagle called Wolfgang. He was three times heavier than a normal beagle. This was very dangerous his health. He risked having many different canine diseases and problems. Poor Wolfgang was an animal shelter. His owner abandoned him and left him the shelter. The owner also overfed Wolfgang, so he ballooned size. Many visitors came to the shelter a dog, but no one took Wolfgang because he was so big. Then, dog lover Erin McManus came to the rescue. She saw Wolfgang at the shelter and it was love first sight. She took the overweight dog home and decided to help him lose weight. She put him a crash diet.

Wolfgang is now doing very well his diet. He is limited to just 600 calories a day. He swims the family pool every day, goes walks, and exercises on a water treadmill. The kgs are now falling him. Ms McManus is very happy with his progress. She said: "I make his food. It's lean turkey, lots vegetables, and some supplements." She said he has lost 12kgs. Beagles usually weigh around 13kgs, but Wolfgang weighed 40kgs. He now has his own Instagram account over 37,000 followers. McManus said: "I think his personality shines through. He's just such a nice dog. It's so hard to say no to that face." One Instagram fan wrote: "I love following his journey. That boy touches my heart."

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