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The words
A dog in the USA had to [go / come] on a diet. He is a beagle called Wolfgang. He was three times heavier than a [normally / normal] beagle. This was very dangerous for his health. He risked [having / has] many different canine diseases and [problematic / problems] . Poor Wolfgang was in an animal shelter. His [owner / owning] abandoned him and left him at the shelter. The owner also overfed Wolfgang, so he [balled / ballooned] in size. Many visitors came to the shelter for a dog, but no one [took / gave] Wolfgang because he was so big. Then, dog [lover / romancer] Erin McManus came to the rescue. She saw Wolfgang at the shelter and it was love at first [smell / sight] . She took the overweight dog home and decided to help him lose weight. She put him on a [crash / accident] diet.

Wolfgang is now [done / doing] very well on his diet. He is [limit / limited] to just 600 calories a day. He swims in the family pool every day, goes on walks, and exercises on a water [windmill / treadmill] . The kgs are now falling [on / off] him. Ms McManus is very happy with his progress. She said: "I make his food. It's [mean / lean] turkey, lots of vegetables, and some supplements." She said he has [mislaid / lost] over 12kgs. Beagles [usual / usually] weigh around 13kgs, but Wolfgang weighed 40kgs. He now has his own Instagram account with over 37,000 [followers / follow] . McManus said: "I think his personality [shines / dims] through. He's just such a nice dog. It's so hard to say no to that face." One Instagram fan wrote: "I love following his [journey / itinerary] . That boy touches my heart."

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