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The words
Japan is trying to get more men and women to go on [date / dates] . It wants to increase its birth rate because there are fewer and [fewest / fewer] babies being born. Japan is going to [useful / use] artificial intelligence (AI) to match couples and help [residence / residents] find love. The government has decided to use $19 million next year to set the software [up / down] . There are [already / readily] matchmaking services in half of Japan's 47 prefectures. These involve filling [up / out] forms and answering questions [on / in] hobbies and interests. A worker then matches people based [on / by] the answers. Some prefectures are now starting AI projects to automate the system. AI software can [performance / perform] more advanced analysis of data and get better matches.

The government hopes the project will increase the [sized / size] of the population. Japan's [fertility / ability] rate is one of the [low / lowest] in the world. The average number of children a Japanese woman is expected to [have / born] in her lifetime is 1.36. This figure is continuing to go down, which is why the government is [trying / tying] the AI programme. A government spokesperson said: "We hope this support will help [reserve / reverse] the decline in the nation's birth rate." Japan's population is [rapidly / rapid] ageing because people are living [longer / lengthen] . The longevity rate for women is the highest [in / on] the world. This is a problem for the economy. There are fewer and fewer younger workers to pay for the pension and welfare costs of retired [person / people] .

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