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offer be become spot select appear arrive give go select
love make drive film tell sing get view become have
A taxi driver in Taiwan is free rides in exchange for singing a karaoke song. Mr Tu Ching Liang, 57, a big fan of driving, karaoke and of listening to people sing. Mr Tu has famous for the disco lights in his taxi and his offer of free rides. It is easy to his yellow taxi. It has a pink neon star on the dashboard and colourful flashing lights inside. People can a "karaoke" option if they use a taxi-locating app in the capital city of Taiwan. Mr Tu will on your smartphone screen. When Mr Tu's taxi , he will you a microphone and an iPad on which you can to YouTube and the song you want to sing. He says people have more bravery to sing at night.

Mr Tu his job. He joked: "No one is as lucky as me, walking out the door every day rushing to go to work and not any money." He added: "I've been a taxi for 27 years, giving money as rewards for singing karaoke for eight years, and filming videos for six years. I've over 10,000 videos." He a reporter from the UK's "Guardian" newspaper that if people do not , they do not a discount or a free ride. Mr Tu uploads his videos on YouTube. Some have been over two million times. He has a celebrity, saying: "I was on TV shows from 10 different countries. I'm an international influencer." His dream is to singer Ed Sheeran as a passenger.

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