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The words
A taxi driver in Taiwan is [offered / offering] free rides in exchange for singing a karaoke song. Mr Tu Ching Liang, 57, is a big [fun / fan] of driving, karaoke and of listening to people sing. Mr Tu has become [famous / famously] for the disco lights in his taxi and his [coffer / offer] of free rides. It is easy to [spit / spot] his yellow taxi. It has a pink [none / neon] star on the dashboard and colourful flashing lights inside. People can select a "karaoke" option if they use a taxi-locating [pup / app] in the capital city Taiwan. Mr Tu will appear on your smartphone screen. When Mr Tu's taxi [arrival / arrives] , he will give you a microphone and an iPad on which you can go to YouTube and [selection / select] the song you want to sing. He says people have more [brave / bravery] to sing at night.

Mr Tu loves his job. He joked: "No one is as [luck / lucky] as me, walking out the door every day [rush / rushing] to go to work and not make any money." He added: "I've been driving a taxi for 27 years, giving money as [reward / rewards] for singing karaoke for eight years, and filming videos for six years. I've [filmed / filming] over 10,000 videos." He told a reporter from the UK's "Guardian" newspaper that if people do not sing, they do not get a [viscount / discount] or a free ride. Mr Tu uploads his videos on YouTube. Some have been [views / viewed] over two million times. He has become a [celebrity / celery] , saying: "I was on TV [show / shows] from 10 different countries. I'm an international [influential / influencer] ." His dream is to have singer Ed Sheeran as a [passerby / passenger] .

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