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Australian citizens are at the sight of preferential treatment being to tennis stars. Dozens of tennis players are in to Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament. Meanwhile, there are around 37,000 Australians stranded around the world to return home. Many of these are frustrated at why they cannot return, while sports stars can Australia to play tennis. Organisers of the Australian Open have been flights to ensure players and staff members can the event. All those who enter must have negative for coronavirus. They then have to in specially designated COVID-safe hotels. A number of stars have tested positive and so could not .

The special treatment to the stars has criticism and ire from stranded Australians. There is particular consternation because Australia's government recently the weekly number of citizens to return. An Aussie in London told the BBC: "I can't the fact that one week they announce they're the caps for citizens and the following week they they've found 1,200 spaces for tennis players and support staff." A Twitter user wrote: "Letting in 1,200 tennis players and their a risky choice, and what is that they'd that risk for sport but not for stranded Aussies." He said: "The government can no longer it's just about the science".

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