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Australian citizens are angered at the [slight / sight] of preferential treatment being given to tennis stars. Dozens of tennis players are [jetted / jetting] in to Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament. Meanwhile, there are around 37,000 Australians [stranding / stranded] around the world waiting to return home. Many of these are frustrated [at / to] why they cannot return, while sports stars can [enter / entry] Australia to play tennis. Organisers of the Australian Open have been [chastening / chartering] flights to ensure players and staff members can [attend / intend] the event. All those who enter must have tested [negatively / negative] for coronavirus. They then have to stay in specially [designated / designer] COVID-safe hotels. A number of stars have tested positive and [so / such] could not come.

The special treatment [affronted / afforded] to the stars has drawn criticism and ire from stranded Australians. There is particular [constellation / consternation] because Australia's government recently cut the weekly number of citizens [allowing / allowed] to return. An Aussie in London told the BBC: "I can't comprehend the [fact / factual] that one week they announce they're [halving / heaving] the caps for citizens and the [followed / following] week they announce they've found 1,200 spaces for tennis players and support [stuff / staff] ." A Twitter user wrote: "Letting in 1,200 tennis players and their [encourage / entourage] ...is a risky choice, and what hurts is that they'd take that [risk / risky] for sport but not for stranded Aussies." He said: "The government can no longer [calm / claim] it's just about the science".

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