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   against      at      by      during      from      in      In      in      in      of      of      of      of      of      on      on      on      with  
The Tatmadaw, the military junta that overthrew Myanmar's government February the 1st, has blocked access to Facebook. The Ministry Communications issued a statement saying Facebook would be halted order to maintain "stability". The social media giant is used a majority of the population and the Tatmadaw sees it as a threat to its rule. the days after the coup, a civil disobedience page that emerged Facebook attracted over 200,000 followers. Human Rights Watch Asia said: "The Tatmadaw sees Facebook as its Internet nemesis because it's the dominant communication channel the country and has been hostile to the military." A Twitter user said it was, "a ban the Internet".

The Tatmadaw seized power Myanmar's democratically elected civilian government. It immediately declared a yearlong state emergency. The coup took place after days tension between the military and the government. The Tatmadaw refused to accept the results November's national election, alleging massive voter fraud. It has arrested former Minister Foreign Affairs Aung San Suu Kyi, who is now being held detention an undisclosed location. Authorities filed charges her for allegedly illegally importing six unregistered walkie-talkie radios. The military also arrested former president Win Myint. He is being charged violating coronavirus containment measures the election.

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