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The Tatmadaw, the [militarily / military] junta that overthrew Myanmar's government on February the 1st, has blocked [excess / access] to Facebook. The Ministry of Communications issued [a / the] statement saying Facebook would be [hated / halted] in order to maintain "stability". The social media giant is used by a majority of the population and the Tatmadaw sees it as a [threat / treat] to its rule. In the days after the [coop / coup] , a civil disobedience page that emerged [in / on] Facebook attracted over 200,000 followers. Human Rights Watch Asia said: "The Tatmadaw [watches / sees] Facebook as its Internet nemesis because it's the [remnant / dominant] communication channel in the country and has been hostile to the military." A Twitter user said it was, "a [fan / ban] on the Internet".

The Tatmadaw [ceased / seized] power from Myanmar's democratically elected civilian government. It immediately declared a yearlong state [to / of] emergency. The coup took place after days of [tension / tense] between the military and the government. The Tatmadaw refused to accept [the / a] results of November's national election, [alleging / allegory] massive voter fraud. It has arrested [farmer / former] Minister of Foreign Affairs Aung San Suu Kyi, who is now being [hold / held] in detention at an undisclosed location. Authorities [filed / flied] charges against her for allegedly illegally importing six unregistered walkie-talkie radios. The military also [rested / arrested] former president Win Myint. He is being charged with violating coronavirus containment measures [during / while] the election.

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