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The words
A university professor in Singapore gave a two-hour online lecture but didn't realize he was [in / on] mute. Professor Wang, who [teaches / teach] maths, was not [aware / beware] that throughout his online presentation, the microphone on his computer was [switching / switched] off. This meant that none of the students [attending / attended] his online class heard what professor Wang was [talked / talking] about. His university switched his classes online to help [reduction / reduce] the spread of COVID-19. His lecture started well but then it [freeze / froze] . The video came back but the mic was off and professor Wang did not [notice / poster] . One of his students says it might have been [because / what] the professor was using an iPad and not a computer.

Students tried many times to [contract / contact] professor Wang during the lesson but could not get [through / thought] to him. They [waived / waved] their arms and even tried calling him on his [personally / personal] phone. A video of the moment he understood his mic was off has gone [rival / viral] on the Internet. It has received more than 653,000 views. After realizing what happened, professor Wang [appeared / appearance] shocked and stressed. He said he was upset at the thought of wasting two hours [for / of] his students' time. He has offered to [redo / undo] the lecture at a different time so his students do not miss that class. One of his students posted [in / on] social media about the professor's mishap. She wrote: "I took a class under him before and he teaches well. I feel bad [to / for] him."

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