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The words
The Swedish furniture maker IKEA has released its new [ranger / range] of products - gaming furniture. Now gamers can buy [special / specially] desks, chairs, sofas and other [items / itemise] to make them more comfortable when they play computer games or online games. There are more than 30 [produce / products] in IKEA's gaming line. One of the more [unusually / unusual] things is an accessory that is [like / liken] a big wooden hand, to hold your headset. There is also a special pillow with [packets / pockets] where you can put your hands to keep them warm. IKEA said it [spent / spend] many years on designing the furniture. It got [expat / expert] help in making sure it created the right products. To do this, it teamed [up / on] with the gaming laptop maker Republic of Gamers.

IKEA said making furniture for gamers was a "natural step" for the company. It wanted to [attractive / attract] millions of gamers around the world to its [stores / shores] and website. The company said it has [creative / created] , "relevant, functional, beautiful, and [afforded / affordable] products and complete gaming [solutions / solves] ". It added that it wanted to make products that also appealed to female gamers, saying: "The [necessary / needs] of billions of gamers around the [glove / globe] are very diverse...46% of gamers are women." It said: "Now we take the first [step / steep] on our gaming journey, and we do it by presenting [afford / affordable] , high-performing gaming products and complete solutions that we hope reflect people's personalities and [tasty / taste] ."

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