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The Swedish furniture maker IKEA has released its new range of products - gaming furniture. Now gamers can buy special desks, chairs, sofas and other items to make gamers more comfortable when they play computer games or online games. There are more than 30 products in IKEA's gaming line. One of the more unusual things is an accessory that is like a big wooden hand, to hold your headset. There is also a special pillow with pockets where you can put your hands to keep them warm. IKEA said it spent many years on designing the furniture. It got expert help in making sure it created the right products. To do this, it teamed up with the gaming laptop maker Republic of Gamers.

IKEA said making furniture for gamers was a "natural step" for the company. It wanted to attract millions of gamers around the world to its stores and website. The company said it has created, "relevant, functional, beautiful, and affordable products and complete gaming solutions". It added that it wanted to make products that also appealed to female gamers, saying: "The needs of billions of gamers around the globe are very diverse...46% of gamers are women." It said: "Now we take the first step on our gaming journey, and we do it by presenting affordable, high-performing gaming products and complete solutions that we hope reflect people's personalities and taste."

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