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The words
Governments around the world may [creative / create] "vaccine passports" to help open up societies. The passport would be a record of the [holding / holder] having had the COVID-19 vaccine. It could be downloaded on a smartphone or it could [be / have] added to the microchip in identity cards. Businesses such [was / as] restaurants and theatres might require [person / people] to show their passport before they [entry / enter] . People may also need one to enter venues to watch sporting [events / event] . Supporters of the passports say it would also allow people [for / to] travel overseas more easily. The World Health Organization is looking [at / as] a possible international scheme. This would require countries to agree [in / on] what kind of passport is necessary.

Opponents [off / of] vaccine passports say they are unfair and could create inequality in [social / society] . Many people do not want the vaccine. Some people say it goes [for / against] their religion. Other people do not [faith / trust] the vaccine and say it has not been tested [plenty / enough] and is therefore unsafe. Some people worry about the security of their health data. These people may not be [able / ability] to go to restaurants or get on airplanes. Israel's Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said anyone unwilling or unable to get the [jab / job] will be "left behind" in [live / life] . In addition, the vaccine is not available to everyone in the world. A [humane / human] rights professor said: "For many low-income countries, most people won't be [vaccinated / vaccine] for many years."

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