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   at      at      at      between      During      in      in      of      of      of      of      on      on      on      the      with      with  
Pigs may be more intelligent than we thought. They may be able to play video games. Researchers Purdue University in USA conducted research pig-gaming skills. The researchers were surprised that their test pigs were able to play some games. Researchers got the four pigs, named Ebony, Hamlet, Ivory and Omelet, to play a simple game different levels. They had to move a joystick their snout to make a cursor move to a coloured wall. If they were successful, they got a tasty treat. Lead author Dr. Candace Croney said: "It's very clear they had some conceptual understanding what they were being asked to do." The research is a paper published the journal "Frontiers in Psychology".

The research was quite extensive. The pigs spent many days playing the game. the last 50 rounds, the pigs played the game three different levels. If they were successful one level, they moved to the next level. The higher levels had better treats. A scientist told CNN that: "The pigs clearly understood the connection their own behavior, the joystick, and what was happening the screen." Dr. Croney said it was important to understand how pigs get information, and what they are capable learning and remembering. She said this would help us to learn what pigs think interacting humans. We could also understand what pigs think different environments.

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