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The words
Pigs may be more [intelligent / intelligence] than we thought. They may be [ability / able] to play video games. Researchers at Purdue University in the USA conducted research [in / on] pig-gaming skills. The researchers were surprised that their test pigs were able to play [some / much] games. Researchers got the four pigs, [named / names] Ebony, Hamlet, Ivory and Omelet, to play a simple game at [difference / different] levels. They had to move a joystick with [their / them] snout to make a cursor move to a coloured wall. If they were successful, they got a [tasty / taste] treat. Lead author Dr. Candace Croney said: "It's very clear they had some conceptual understanding of what they were [been / being] asked to do." The research is in a paper published in the [journey / journal] "Frontiers in Psychology".

The research was quite [extends / extensive] . The pigs spent [many / much] days playing the game. During the last 50 rounds, the pigs played the game on [third / three] different levels. If they were successful [at / to] one level, they moved to the next level. The higher levels had [better / well] treats. A scientist told CNN that: "The pigs clearly understood the connection [between / among] their own behavior, the joystick, and [what / that] was happening on the screen." Dr. Croney said it was important [to / for] understand how pigs get information, and what they are [capable / ability] of learning and remembering. She said this would help us to learn what pigs think of interacting [with / on] humans. We could also understand what pigs think of different environments.

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