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Scientists say cure for baldness could be close






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Scientists have worked on a cure for baldness for decades. Help may be near for bald or balding people. Japanese scientists have found stem cells that aid hair regeneration. This is welcome news for millions who suffer from baldness. The scientists are now doing laboratory tests. They hope to adapt the stem cells and make a hair loss therapy. Baldness mainly affects men. By the age of 35, around two-thirds of men will experience hair loss.

The scientists took fur cells from mice and cultured them in the lab. They used 220 combinations of chemicals to make the hair regrow naturally. The lead scientist said there is a cyclical regeneration of hair follicles from stem cells. He hopes to make "hair follicle regeneration therapy a reality in the near future". He added: "Losing hair is not life-threatening, but it adversely affects the quality of life."

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Baldness - Level 5  |  Baldness - Level 6

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