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Help may soon be at [heart / hand] for those who are losing or have lost their hair. A team of Japanese scientists has discovered stem cells that are [rival / vital] in the hair regeneration process. This is promising news for the millions of people worldwide who suffer [of / from] baldness. A cure has [exuded / eluded] scientists for decades, [despite / spite] extensive research and significant investment [in / on] research. The scientists are now [barking / embarking] on clinical research and laboratory trials. They hope to adapt the stem cells to finally create a [therapeutic / therapy] for hair loss. Baldness predominantly affects men. By the age of 35, around two-thirds of men will experience some [degree / temperature] of hair loss. By the age of 50, up to 85 per cent will experience significantly [growing / thinning] hair.

The scientists took [fur / furry] cells from mice and cultured them in the lab. They observed that hair growth was a cyclical [progress / process] within the follicle. They analysed the stem cells and used 220 combinations of chemicals to make the hair regrow [naturally / natural] . Lead scientist Takashi Tsuji said: "Our [culture / tradition] system establishes a [method / methodological] for cyclical regeneration of hair follicles from hair follicle stem cells and will help make hair follicle regeneration therapy a [realism / reality] in the [near / nearly] future." He added: "Losing hair is not life-threatening, but it [conversely / adversely] affects the quality of life." Sam Baker, a 52-year-old bank worker, [hoping / hopes] the therapy works. He said: "Having a full head of hair again will make me look ten years [younger / youth] ".

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