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The words
There are many things that farmers have to [worries / worry] about. Some farmers worry about a lack of rain. Others worry about [pests / pest] that eat the crops. Farmers in the UK have a new pest to worry about - stink bugs. For the [fast / first] time, stink bugs have arrived in the UK and they are [causing / caused] farmers trouble. The stink bugs came from either China, Japan or Korea. They are not native [of / to] the UK. The smelly insects are now [posting / posing] a threat to fruit and vegetable crops in the south of England. The insects get their name from the bad [smelly / smell] they create when they feel they are [in / on] danger. Stink bugs were accidentally introduced [to / at] the USA in the mid-1990s and are now a problem [as / for] farmers in 44 states.

Stink bugs feed by [piecing / piercing] the surface of fruits and vegetables and then [sucking / sucked] out the juice. This makes the fruit rotten where the insects pierce the [skin / skinny] . It means farmers cannot sell the crops. The fruit [quietly / quite] often ends up as juice. Max Barclay, an insect [expat / expert] , said there is no risk to human health from the insects feeding on fruit and vegetables. He said: "If you eat a damaged [fruity / fruit] , there's no risk to your health. The fruit just doesn't look [handsome / beautiful] , so the sale value is reduced." He said the species has a [wide / width] diet and can eat over one hundred different types of plants. He added that: "With climate change and global [tirade / trade] , these stories are going to become [more / many] frequent."

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