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A report [on / in] racism commissioned by the United Kingdom has drawn criticism from [holders / upholders] of racial equality. The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities was [establishment / established] last summer in the wake of the [killing / killed] of George Floyd in the USA. That death sparked protests across the world and [fuelled / energy] the Black Lives Matter movement. The commission acknowledged that racism [stays / remains] a "real force" in the UK. However, it said the British system is no [length / longer] "deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities". It said people use racism as a "catch-all explanation" for not getting [ahead / header] in life. It added that geography, family, socio-economic background, culture and [religion / religious] have a more significant impact [on / in] success in life than race.

Advocates of racial equality called the report, "a truly historic [derail / denial] of the scale of race inequality in Britain". The day the report was released, the UK government's most [seniority / senior] adviser on race resigned, although he said the [timing / timed] was coincidental. A leading UK politician and radio show host, David Lammy, was [deepen / deeply] critical of the report. He [rescued / accused] the government of "gaslighting" the British [private / public] . He tweeted: "For my own [mental / mentally] well-being I am not doing media interviews [on / in] the race commission today. Like so many in Britain's Black community, I'm tired of the [endless / ending] debate about whether structural racism exists with little desire to actually [address / envelope] it. We are being gaslighted."

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