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Germany is to return [previous / precious] artefacts that were plundered from Nigeria [while / during] the colonial era in the late-19th century. The world-famous Benin Bronzes are currently [on / in] display at a museum in Leipzig. The Bronzes [comprise / compose] a collection of more than a thousand metal plaques, sculptures and statues. They were created by the Edo [person / people] in what used to be the Kingdom of Benin from the 13th century. They decorated the royal palace of the Kingdom of Benin, in what is [known / now] Nigeria. Most of the objects were [looted / looked] by British forces in 1897. Two hundred pieces were [taking / taken] to the British Museum in London, while others went to museums across Europe. Nigeria has tried for [decadence / decades] to get them [redecorated / repatriated] .

Experts say the 16th-18th century returning pieces are among the most [highly / high] regarded works of African art. Many Nigerians are [pleasing / welcoming] their return. Nigeria's Institute for Benin Studies said Germany is, "[leading / pleading] in the global restitution movement" of [firmer / former] colonial powers returning looted treasures. It said: "Other European nations should [be / do] willing and open to acknowledge that [entirely / all] objects looted in 1897 belong to the Benin people. Like Germany, they [do / too] should initiate or join the dialogue to discuss [the / a] future of these objects." However, some Nigerians believe the objects are safer [on / in] Europe. One man said: "With the insecurity now, the safety of those artefacts cannot be [guarantor / guaranteed] ."

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