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Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka has [withdrew / withdrawn] from the French Tennis Open citing [stress / stressed] from having to [address / mail] the world's media. Japan's world number two Osaka, 23, announced she did not want to do [interview / interviews] after her matches to "protect her mental health". The Women's Tennis Association said this was in [broach / breach] of her obligations as a professional player. It [initially / initial] threatened to expel her from the tournament if she did not talk to the media. It has [stance / since] backtracked and said it wants to "create meaningful improvements" [on / in] supporting players with mental health problems. It added: "We [commend / command] Naomi for sharing in her own words the [pressures / pressurise] and anxieties she is feeling."

Naomi Osaka is a four-time Grand Slam [single / singles] champion and is the reigning champion [at / to] the US Open and the Australian Open. She has had problems [coping / cooping] with the stress of being in the [lamp / spotlight] as one of tennis' biggest stars. She said: "The [true / truth] is that I have suffered long [bots / bouts] of depression since the US Open in 2018." Organisers of the four Opens have faced [criticism / critical] for the way they have handled Ms Osaka's mental health concerns. However, it [recent / recently] stated: "We empathise with the unique pressures tennis players may face." Many top players have said they are [fully / full] behind Ms Osaka. Serena Williams offered her support, saying: "I feel for Naomi....I wish I could give her a [huge / hug] ."

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