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The words
Supersonic passenger planes could return to the [skies / skis] before the end of this [decide / decade] . Supersonic means faster than the speed of sound. The speed of sound is Mach 1, [which / what] is 1,234.8kph. The US [career / carrier] United Airlines has plans to buy 15 supersonic jets from a company called Boom Supersonic. The planes will fly [down / up] to 88 passengers in an all-business class service. They will fly at a [top / bottom] speed of Mach 1.7. This is 2,099kph. Most modern passenger jets have a cruising speed [to / of] just over 1,000kph. The new planes could [greatly / great] cut the time it takes to fly around the world. Passengers could fly [to / from] London to New York in under four hours. It currently takes around 7 1/2 hours to [do / doing] that journey.

The jets ordered [by / of] United Airlines are called Overture. They will be the first supersonic jets to make [commerce / commercial] flights since Concorde stopped operating in 2003. Concorde was [joint / jointly] operated by British Airways and Air France. The cost of Overture tickets will be [roughly / smoothly] the same as regular business class tickets. The price of a Concorde ticket was over 20 [times / timings] higher than economy class tickets, which meant only the super-rich could afford [once / one] . Boom's CEO said Overture will have much better [fuel / duel] efficiency and profitability than Concorde. Flights will be net-zero [carbon / oxygen] and will use sustainable aviation fuel. The cost of [reach / each] Overture airplane is approximately $200 million. Boom already has [around / round] $6 billion in orders.

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