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The Group of Seven Leaders' Summit has concluded [with / by] promises to build back a better world. The leaders even [noted / coined] a phrase and an abbreviation for their shared vision. It is called the Build Back Better World plan, [shorter / shortened] to B3W. A fundamental feature of this plan, that has been [singed / signed] by all G7 leaders, is to [disembark / embark] on a series of global economic [initiative / initiatives] . A White House statement said: "Through B3W, the G7 and [other / another] like-minded partners will coordinate in mobilizing private-sector capital in four areas [off / of] focus - climate, health and health [secure / security] , digital technology, and gender equity and equality." It will help fund infrastructure projects and [reprove / improve] trade routes between East Asia and Europe.

The White House also announced plans for other [continence / continents] . It said: "B3W will be global [in / on] scope, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa to the Indo-Pacific. Different G7 partners will have different geographic orientations, but the [plus / sum] of the initiative will cover low- and middle-income countries [through / across] the world." Another promise [to / that] come from the Summit was to vaccinate a billion people in [poorer / poverty] countries. UK leader Boris Johnson said this was "a big step towards vaccinating the world". Other [ledges / pledges] included improving [early / fast] warning systems to prepare for future health [crises / crisis] , supporting a green revolution that cuts CO2 emissions, and getting 40 million more girls into education [to / by] 2026.

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