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The words
Ferrari is one of the [most / must] famous names in the car industry. Its sports cars are a [cymbal / symbol] of luxury. It has a long [historic / history] of success in motor sports, especially in Formula One. The Italian company has now entered the business [of / to] fashion. On Sunday, the 74-year-old carmaker launched its [gown / own] line of clothing at its factory in Maranello, northern Italy. The company briefly [halted / hated] production of its cars to let models walk down a temporary [catwalk / dogfight] on its factory floor. Ferrari hopes its new fashion line will allow the company to [diversity / diversify] . Chief Brand Diversification Officer Nicola Boari told reporters that Ferrari's [cloth / clothing] collections could make up 10 per cent of the company's profits [within / wither] a decade.

Ferrari's new, ready-to-wear clothing was created [for / by] 37-year-old fashion designer Rocco Iannone. He [uses / used] to work for the fashion house Armani. Mr Iannone's clothes all used very [bright / blight] colours. He made great use of "Ferrari red," the yellow used in the Ferrari logo, and a very [vagrant / vibrant] blue. Iannone hopes the clothes will [do / be] popular with younger people. He said: "The young generations have the power [for / to] express the energy and the power of Ferrari's [bland / brand] ." He added: "If you enter a Ferrari store, it's not [because / however] you need another raincoat. You are [looking / seeing] for something special." Ferrari's chairperson said the company "wants to [winner / champion] Italian excellence and the best of our country's creativity".

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