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The words
The Queen in the United Kingdom has given the country's highest [possibly / possible] award for civilians [to / at] its National Health Service (NHS). The Queen gave the NHS a George Cross. This is a [specially / special] medal for heroism and bravery. The award was [taken / given] because of the heroic efforts doctors, nurses and [care / cares] staff made during the coronavirus pandemic. The Queen hand [written / wrote] a personal message to the NHS. She said she gave the award "with great [pressure / pleasure] , on [behalf / whole] of a grateful nation". She added: "This award recognises all NHS staff....Over more than seven decades, and especially [on / in] recent times, you have supported the people of our country with courage, [compasses / compassion] and dedication."

Many workers [on / in] the NHS are happy that they have been [known / recognised] by the Queen for their services. However, [much / many] others said they would prefer a pay [arise / rise] . The NHS has been on the front line in the fight [against / again] COVID-19 in the UK. There has been great public support for a pay rise for nurses, but the government only [give / gave] them a 1% increase. There were over 60 [protests / protects] in the UK over the weekend for better pay and conditions. A doctor said: "We demand funding for a [safe / safety] NHS, fair pay and respect for staff." A workers' union leader said: "The best way to [show / look] appreciation for health workers who have gone 'above and beyond' is to give them a decent pay rise, [urgently / urgent] ."

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