5-speed listening (Dance Music - Level 1)

Slower dance music only for South Korea gyms






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Gyms in South Korea's capital Seoul have a limit on the music they can play. The government put a maximum speed on songs to stop a new wave of Covid-19. The new rules will stop people breathing too quickly or splashing sweat on each other. Gyms cannot play music with a tempo higher than 120 beats per minute (bpm). The Lady Gaga song Bad Romance is under the limit at 119 bpm. K-pop fans will be happy because the BTS hit Dynamite is around 115 bpm.

South Korea's Prime Minister said the country was at "maximum crisis level". The president felt sorry for gyms affected by the rules. He asked people for "a little more patience". Gym owners are unhappy with the new rules. One said: "My biggest question is whether...songs by BTS has had any impact on spreading the virus." He said many people use their own earphones in gyms, so it is difficult to control what they listen to.

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