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Printer ink one of world's most expensive liquids






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Quality champagnes and French perfumes are expensive liquids. You might be surprised to know that printer ink is also one of the world's costliest liquids. A survey from the consumer group "Which?" found that some printer ink from tech companies is pricier than many champagnes. Printer ink from printer makers can be up to 286% more expensive than ink from companies that do not make printers. The consumer group said that some branded printer ink can cost $846 a litre. An expert said: "Printer ink shouldn't cost more than a bottle of high-end champagne or Chanel No 5."

Non-branded ink cartridges can be as good as, if not better than the cartridges made by the printer makers. The expert said: "There are lots of third-party products that are outperforming their branded counterparts at a fraction of the cost." "Which?" said buying non-branded ink could save people around $398 a year. It added that deciding which ink to use should be "a personal choice and not dictated by the make of your printer". The printer maker Epson said: "As non-genuine inks are not designed or tested by Epson, we cannot guarantee these inks will not damage the printer."

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