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The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has [apologies / apologized] to Pacific Islanders for an immigration policy [on / in] the early 1970s. The policy was known as the Dawn Raids. These involved police with dogs [waking / walking] up Pacific Islanders in the early hours of the morning to [depart / deport] them. Pacific Islanders are from islands [in / on] the South Pacific such [has / as] Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. Over 65,000 Pacific Islanders relocated to New Zealand [for / from] work to help fill a shortage of workers. The Dawn Raids focused [on / in] those who allegedly overstayed their visas. Police deported them and [puts / put] their children in government care homes. Most over-stayers at [that / what] time were from the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Ms Ardern [expressed / supposed] her government's "sorrow, remorse and regret" over the raids. She [took / gave] part in a traditional Samoan forgiveness ceremony as part [off / of] her apology. She was covered with a large white mat to [show / shown] forgiveness. Ardern said people still suffered from the memories [off / of] the raids, and that "they live on today in the disruption of trust and faith [on / in] authorities". She told Islanders: "The treatment of your ancestors [was / were] wrong." Ardern said Islanders in New Zealand today still "suffer the [scars / stars] " from the discriminatory policy. A Tongan princess [thanked / pleased] Ardern for apologizing for the "inhumane and unjust" treatment of her people. She said the apology was "a new [dusk / dawn] for my community".

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