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A woman in California has been [mailed / hailed] a hero after fighting off a mountain lion that was carrying [allay / away] her five-year-old son. Her maternal [distinct / instincts] kicked in as she dragged her little boy from the jaws of the big cat. She fought [off / on] the wild animal with her [bare / barely] fists in the garden of her house on Thursday morning. Her son had been playing in the garden when the lion [pouncing / pounced] . The boy suffered bites and [alliterations / lacerations] to his head and torso, but is now in a [stable / staple] condition in a local hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery. Patrick Foy, a spokesperson from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, said: "The true [heroism / hero] of this story is his mom because she [absolute / absolutely] saved her son's life."

Officials reported that the mountain lion was a [juvenile / senile] and was less than a year old. They said the attack probably happened because the creature was young and was practising its [haunting / hunting] skills. They shot a lion near the boy's home that was acting [on / in] an "aggressive" [mature / nature] . The officials later stated: "Wildlife forensics scientists analyzed samples from underneath the claws [of / at] the suspect lion carcass and isolated traces of human [issue / tissue] and blood with a DNA profile that [matched / matchless] the young victim." They added: "Results were [conclusive / conclusion] that it was the attacking lion that was shot by the wildlife officer [on / in] scene." Another mountain lion was found at the scene. It was shot with a non-lethal [pill / tranquilizer] and released.

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