Speed Reading — Semiconductors - Level 5 — 400 wpm

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The car and other industries are facing production challenges due to a shortage of semiconductors. This has caused car giant General Motors to halt production at all but four of its plants in America. The automaker owns the popular car brands Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. A GM spokesperson told reporters that the company is focused on resolving its supply-chain difficulties. He said: "Although the situation remains complex and very fluid, we remain confident in our team's ability to continue finding creative solutions to minimize the impact."

Semiconductors are a key part of many of the electrical products we use every day. Sony, Toyota, Ford and other multinational companies also have production problems due to the lack of supply. One reason for this is COVID-19. Staff shortages in factories that manufacture the chips have hit production. Companies will experience challenges for the foreseeable future. An analyst said: "With the shortages expected to continue until at least 2023, and no immediate solutions forthcoming, GM likely won't be the last company to change its production schedule."

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