Speed Reading — Semiconductors - Level 6 — 500 wpm

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The automotive and other industries around the globe are facing production challenges due to a shortage of semiconductors. A global semiconductor shortage has caused car giant General Motors to halt production at all but four of its plants in North America. GM owns a number of popular car brands, including Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. A GM spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press news agency that the company is focused on trying to resolve its supply-chain difficulties. He said: "Although the situation remains complex and very fluid, we remain confident in our team's ability to continue finding creative solutions to minimize the impact on our highest-demand and capacity-constrained vehicles."

Semiconductors are an indispensable part of many of the gadgets and electrical products we use in our everyday lives. Sony, Toyota, Ford and other multinational companies are reporting production hitches due to the current dearth in supply. One reason for the shortage is the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff shortages in factories that manufacture the chips in China, South Korea and Taiwan have negatively hit production. The website engadget.com said companies would experience challenges for the foreseeable future. It reported: "With the shortages expected to continue until at least 2023, and no immediate solutions forthcoming, GM likely won't be the last company to change its production schedule."

Comprehension questions
  1. How many of GM's plants are still producing cars?
  2. What three car brands does the article say GM owns?
  3. What did a spokesperson say GM is trying to resolve?
  4. In what state did a spokesman say the situation remains?
  5. What did the spokesman say GM was trying to minimize?
  6. What does the article say semiconductors are indispensable to?
  7. What other three companies does the article say are affected?
  8. What is one reason the article gives for the shortage?
  9. What did a website say companies would experience in the future?
  10. Until when did a website say shortages would continue?

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