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A [major / majorly] diplomatic [spat / spit] has erupted after France recalled its ambassadors to Australia and the USA. The [raft / rift] follows Australia cancelling an order for France to supply it with 12 conventional diesel-powered submarines. The deal was [singed / signed] in 2016 and was worth $37 billion in business to the French. Instead, Australia has [opted / option] to buy nuclear-powered submarines, reneging [in / on] the 2016 agreement. France's President Macron called the cancellation of the deal [the / a] "stab in the back" and a "[betrayal / betray]" by Australia. Mr Macron also recalled France's top [diplomat / diplomacy] to the USA. He said the US and Australia were exploring "the possibility [to / of] future cooperation on nuclear-powered submarines".

A new, strategic security [ally / alliance] between Australia, the UK and the USA is the [cause / course] of the split. The alliance is called AUKUS - an acronym [based / biased] on the names of the three countries signed [down / up] to it. AUKUS means Australia will be provided [of / with] the technology to operate nuclear-powered submarines. France says it was only informed [to / of] the alliance hours before it was publicly announced [to / at] the world. France is the USA's oldest ally. The French foreign minister said his country's "exceptional decision" was because of the "exceptional gravity" of the [situation / situational] . It is said AUKUS is to [confer / counter] China's influence in the region. China accused the three AUKUS powers of displaying a "Cold War [mentality / mental] ".

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