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The words
The rapper Kanye West has changed his name to Ye. Judges in California [approved / approval] his request for the name change. Kanye Omari West is the name that [appearance / appeared] on his birth certificate. However, the artist now has a new, [shorten / shorter] name. Ye, 44, has [no / not] legal middle name or surname. He has wanted to change his name for [a / the] long time and [finally / finality] , his wish is now reality. Three years ago, he announced that he was, "the being formerly [knowing / known] as Kanye West". Ye did not give any reasons [for / from] his name change. He said it was for "personal [reason / reasons] " but did not offer any more explanations. The rapper has had the nickname Ye for a long time. It is [odd / even] the name of his eighth studio album.

The music website billboard.com reported [what / that] one of the requirements for name changes in California is [for / at] the person to publish it in a newspaper. This is [so / such] anyone who might be harmed by the change can [object / subject] . Ye did this four different [times / timings] in September. He put notices that he wished to change his name [on / in] the Daily Commerce newspaper. One of the only [times / time] Ye has talked about his new name was three years ago. He [asked / spoke] to a radio host called Big Boy. He said "Ye" was from the Bible and that it [meaning / means] "you". He said: "I believe "ye" is the most [commonly / common] used word in the Bible, and in the Bible, it means "you". So, I'm you, I'm us, it's us."

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