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A new variant of the covid-19 virus is beginning to spread worldwide. The WHO named the mutation Omicron, [after / before] a letter of the Greek alphabet. It was first reported in Botswana on the 9th of November. Two weeks later, it was [defected / detected] in South Africa and [flagged / flogged] as a "virus of [anxiety / concern] ". Soon after this, [causes / cases] were reported in Hong Kong, Israel, Madagascar and Belgium. Epidemiologists have warned that this new [stress / strain] could be [extremely / extremity] infectious. They also said it may be able to [pervade / evade] protections afforded us by current vaccines. This has led to countries reinstating travel [bins / bans] . Despite [these / them] , new cases have already been reported in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Scientists are [currently / currency] analyzing Omicron to assess the dangers it might pose. They have detected 50 genetic [chances / changes] in the DNA that [affects / effects] the spikes surrounding the [tiara / crown] of the virus. Current vaccines focus on these spikes. Any changes in the DNA of the spikes could make the virus more [virulent / vacant] , more transmissible and possibly more resistant against vaccines. Scientists say it could take a few weeks to [detriment / determine] how effective our vaccines are against Omicron. The White House's chief medical [adviser / reviser] has warned that: "When you have a virus that is [showing / shown] this degree of transmissibility, and you're [already / readily] having travel-related cases...it almost [invariably / variable] is ultimately going to go all over the world."

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