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A German court has that sustaining an injury while from your bedroom to your home office a workplace accident. The judges decided that walking a few metres from your bed to your desk in another room in your house can considered a commute to work. As such, any injuries on that short journey can be eligible for compensation payouts. The landmark ruling was in a case where a man slipped while a staircase from his bedroom to his home office and fractured a vertebra. The court that the "first morning journey from bed to the home office is an insured work route". This decision could a rush to get similar cases in courts.

The notion of what constitutes a workplace has since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have from working in offices to working at home. This has implications for health and safety issues as well as the legalities around workplace accidents. One big question who is responsible for a home office satisfies safety requirements, and to what extent an employer liable for injuries in an employee's home. An expert on German employment law new legislation would needed to decide future claims. He told the CNN news agency that: "It likely that insurers will...have to this ruling often."

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